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Why water?

Do you enjoy the beauty of oceans, fast flowing rivers and water? These natural beauties are responsible for much of the large-scale erosion on our planet earth. Waterjet cutting is, in essence, a very aggressive yet controlled form of this same natural erosion process. Using extremely high water pressure (50,000 psi and greater), mixed with an abrasive, the waterjet process will cut through any material. With the cutting apparatus mounted to a CNC controlled gantry or robot, you have the capability of cutting any material into any shape while holding tolerances of + or - .003".

Waterjet cutting had its beginning primarily in the aircraft industry, when the need arose to economically cut exotic alloys, laminates and composites. The ability of the waterjet process to cut any material into any shape with no heat affected zone (HAZ) or damage to the base material, opened the door for Advanced Waterjet Cutting to offer services to a broad base of customers in every industry.

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